The Best STEM Toys of 2017


Want your kids’ brains to gain a bit of STEAM in 2017? Check out the best STEM toys for 2017 to select the perfect gift to enhance skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. And for good measure, we’re adding the letter “A” for Arts! Many experts agree that art is an important aspect of creativity and the future. If you’re searching for the perfect STEM gift in 2017, here’s our list of some of the latest and greatest. We’ve checked out these companies and their products and think they’re real winners. All meet our standards as Equal Goods.

Equal Goods curates our top 20 picks:

  1. Bloxel’s Video Game Builder Starter Kit – $49.95

    This toy is so amazing, we can’t even imagine playing it as kids! It teaches kid to use blocks in patterns to create digital video games. Each kit includes a free app where kids can view and even play the games they create. This toy is challenging and rewarding, great for building creativity and a bit of grit.

  2. GoldieBlox Invention Mansion – $59.99

    Build, build and build some more! This is a dollhouse DREAM, fully modifiable by the creator. With over 350 pieces and a full-color booklet of idea starters, the Invention Mansion gives your budding builder the tools to get started while encouraging open-ended, exploratory play. Young engineers will dive in to discover a trap door, zipline, balconies, bridges, and secret spots. With thousands of configurations, the construction and role play possibilities are endless!

  3. National Geographic Rock Tumbler Starter Science Kit – $59.99

    Who doesn’t love a smooth rock? I mean, this thing is so cool, I’m about to go out and buy it for my 35-year-old self right now! You take a rock, toss it in, and watch the shining begin. The results are beautiful, smooth rocks, useful for jewelry, general collections, and dragons’ lairs.

  4. Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science: The First Computer Programmer – $14.48

    Books are toys, right? Right! And there was no other computer programmer like Ada Lovelace, Poet of Science! A funny and cute book that can be read night after night after night, this is sure to inspire your future scientist or computer programmer.

  5. Renegade Made Random Acts of Flowers – $19.99

    Tee hee! Now we can stamp EVERYTHING with flowers! Follow the directions to fold paper into beautiful flowers, stick them in your homemade vase, and mark your turf with flowers. A cool new company with a cool new concept.

  6. Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit – $30.00

    Chibi lights

    These are worth every penny. Your kids had no idea the amazing things they could make light up until these stickers appeared. They are mini LEDs that teach basic circuitry and make one-of-a-kind cards, decor, or psychedelic art. Nifty!

  7. LUX Blox – $29.99

    Basic CMYK

    No – these aren’t just another block added to a list of STEM toys. These are AMAZINGLY and BEAUTIFULLY designed snap together “blocks” that rotate, curve, and stack in every way imaginable. We have met the owners and innovators behind this brand, and they are so into the designs they can make it’s like kids in a candy store.

  8. Perplexus Epic – $29.99

    perplexus 3

    Who doesn’t love a good puzzle? This one has left us all scratching our heads and laughing with glee as we pass each level. Great for kids ages 8 and up and adults of all ages!

  9. Cubebot Micro – $9.99


    STEM toys can be expensive with all their gadgetry and circuits. Get back to basics with these snapped-together blocks. They are perfect for fidgeters and can be manipulated in dozens of directions. And when you’re done, they fold back together into a block. It’s a snap.

  10. Modern Art Wall Calendar 2017 – $14.99


    OOF! Bet your kids didn’t know that was art! A beautiful way to rotate art in their play rooms. Teach them about the modern greats and track the days of fun.

  11. Geosafari Jr. My First Telescope – $29.99


    Twinkle twinkle little star meets reality with this telescope. Learn about all the bright points in the sky, teach them about the vast universe, and hug in wonder as you contemplate the sky nights. And wait ’til you see the next amazing item on our list…

  12. 4M Create A Night Sky Projection Kit – $17.99

    When the dawn breaks and busy hands search for an activity, search no further than the 4M Create a Night Sky Projection Kit. Take all your newly found astrological knowledge and create your own sky, learning the intricate patterns of the stars. The kit comes with a light bulb that shines through the astrological patterns and casts them on the walls. And when the sun sets, snuggle up by the light of the night sky and watch in wonder at its beauty.

  13. I Heart Haring Activity Book – $12.99

    haring1 haring5
    Groovy and inspiring of all little makers, this I <3 Haring activity book is the perfect introduction to progressive art. Give them a marker or some crayons and let the fun begin. An open mind leads to great innovations.

  14. Seedling Make Your Own Marble Maze – $59.99

    Seedling maze1

    Seedling is one of the best new companies out there, and this kit combines design with gaming. Pretty fun stuff. Kids like the challenge of solving their own puzzle. Hand-eye coordination develops along with creativity.

  15. Koala and Kiwi Crates – $19.95 and up


    Kiwi Crates (ages 3-4) and Koala Crates (ages 5-8) are the latest to join the subscription box craze. Yet these stand out of the crowd by leaps and bounds, encouraging future artists, creators, scientists, and makers. Each box comes with age-appropriate activities that work to expand the mind. The quality is superb, and the creativity seems never-ending.

  16. MOMA DIY Mover Kit – $79.99


    A bright and powerful LED display leads the way of this contraption. It’s more complex than meets the eye. Kids hop online to a coding platform where they can learn how to configure blinking and moving lights for jewelry, bike lights, remote control cars, and more. A MOMA exclusive!

  17. Cubetto – $229.00


    This price tag is steep, but we have never seen anything like this in kids coding toys before. Cubetto is a wooden robot, whose movements are programmed through different pieces attached to his base. If you’re skeptical of the price tag, check out a neighborhood toy store for a hands on demonstration.

  18. Eco-dough – $19.99


    This is the creme-de-la-creme of doughs! Beautifully and naturally scented with essential oils, this dough contains only natural ingredients. Good for the earth and good for our kids. Vibrant colors to spark the mind and sooth the soul. Play with peace of mind that you’re supporting a sustainable business with sustainable goods.

  19. Tegu Magnetic Blocks – 42 Piece Sunset – $140.00


    We know these Tegu magnetic blocks are on everyone’s list, but for good reason! They’re downright amazing. We’ve met the creators of this project, who traveled to South America in search of the perfect wood to use for their blocks. Sustainably made, these wooden pieces are a tactile experience every kid should have. The Sunset set gets extra points from us for its beautiful coloring.

  20. Geckobot – $51.99


    This is exactly what it sound like. A robot. A gecko. Endless fun. Oh, and did we mention this thing climbs walls? Its suction cup feet are ingenious! If you become bored of the gecko, there are six other designs that these pieces can be made into.

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