Want to receive our stamp of equality? Our guidelines for choosing equal goods:

For Products

  • Free from gender stereotypes or works to overcome an entrenched gender stereotype
  • Promotes healthy age-appropriate developmental play
  • Does not market to the inclusion or exclusion of a child’s gender
  • Does not discriminate based on race, religion, or sexual orientation
  • Promotes diversity and cultural understanding of different races, religions and sexual orientations
  • Empowers children to be celebrated unconditionally for who they are
  • Gives kids increased choice in play
  • Adds uniqueness, difference, or innovation to toys, clothes, or books to expand kids in ways never dreamed up before

For Featured Companies

  • Sells products that consistently are free from gender stereotypes or work to overcome an entrenched gender stereotype
  • Exhibits a mission and corporate behavior that is socially conscious and responsible
  • Does not adhere to gender or racial stereotypes through images and advertising
  • Special emphasis on crowd-funded companies, minority and family-owned companies, and small companies
  • Active in engaging and giving back to community