Equal Goods: Hand-Selecting Toys, Clothes, and Books for the Consciencious Parent



Equal Goods is excited to announce their brand new holiday gift guide, featuring companies which offer children’s toys, books, and clothing without limiting gender stereotypes. Created by like-minded social entrepreneurs, this holiday gift guide is the only one of its kind. The Equal Goods gift guide aims to helps socially conscious parents and gift buyers find toys, books, and kids’ clothing that support diversity and gender equality. Holiday shopping should be exciting and fun, and the Equal Goods holiday gift guide is the ultimate companion for gift-givers to wow their favorite children this holiday season.


Equal Goods was founded by Kickstarter-funded companies Boy Story and Mitz AccessoriesThey’ve individually been featured in Upworthy, Teen Vogue, The Atlantic, Circa, The Baby Spot, theBerry, Baby Center, and others. Boy Story was also recently recognized by UN Women’s #HeForShe movement as a product that supports gender equality

Gender Equal Clothing & Accessories    18" Boy Dolls to break down stereotypes

We are a US-based organization of like-minded social entrepreneurs who are exploring new, innovative ways for shoppers to find children’s toys, books, and clothes that support gender equality. The aim of Equal Goods is tri-fold: to promote play and fun in a non-stereotyped manner, highlight and feature small companies, and to contribute to positive change for gender equality. They believe that neutral and free play will help develop acceptance and remove harmful stereotypes. The gift guide is carefully curated; Equal Goods has established the ‘Equality Certified’ company label to be designated for chosen participating products in an effort to build a diverse community of social entrepreneurs and better influence the children’s toy market away from harmful gender stereotypes.

shop-wisely play-equally lead-kindly

Each of the founders of Equal Goods looks forward to continually bringing you fresh products that are gender equal and diverse. We do this for each other, and we do it for you. Let’s #letkidsbekids and help them #playtochange the way we think about stereotypes in toys.

We look forward to this journey together.


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