Equal Goods was founded by Kickstarter-funded companies Boy Story and Mitz AccessoriesThey’ve individually been featured in Upworthy, Teen Vogue, The Atlantic, Circa, The Baby Spot, theBerry, Baby Center, and others. Boy Story was also recently recognized by UN Women’s #HeForShe movement as a product that supports gender equality. 

Equal Goods is a US-based organization of like-minded social entrepreneurs who are exploring new, innovative ways for shoppers to find children’s toys, books, and clothes that support gender equality. The aim of Equal Goods is tri-fold: to promote play and fun in a non-stereotyped manner, highlight and feature small companies, and to contribute to positive change for gender equality. They believe that neutral and free play will help develop acceptance and remove harmful stereotypes. The gift guide is carefully curated; Equal Goods has established the ‘Equality Certified’ company label to be designated for chosen participating products in an effort to build a diverse community of social entrepreneurs and better influence the children’s toy market away from harmful gender stereotypes.

Inspired startups, inspiring you.

Boy Story introduces cool boy Action Dolls, stories, and accessories that diversify the heavily stereotyped doll market. Boy Story’s mission is to give kids more choice in play and make the world of toys as diverse as the world we live in. Resulting from lots of playing, big dreaming, and a bit of frustration, sisters Katie and Kristen joined forces to start Boy Story in 2016.

What we are most proud of is that our Action Dolls serve two purposes: promoting imaginative play and breaking down stereotypes. Foremost, they dish up a whole lot of fun for kids – after all, that’s what toys are all about! At their core, Action Dolls promote imaginative and pretend roleplay. Boys and girls alike love Action Dolls – they fill a gap the toy market has left sparsely stocked for too many generations. The dolls are durable and able to join in countless adventures. From riding in bike baskets, to reading books in forts, to camping under the stars – these Action Dolls are meant to be life’s companions.

But our Action Dolls also bring change to the toy market by breaking down stereotypes and adding diversity. They give kids more choice in their play. Kids deserve to have toys as diverse as the world they live in. Our approach to Action Dolls has been to promote gender equality through our product and our message. We encourage all kids to interact on a human level and to develop those vital relationship and nurturing skills that dolls so importantly teach.

Mitz Accessories is a modern company dedicated to finding practical solutions to everyday problems. With a commitment to fashion, we strive to bring market trends to the forefront in a way that’s fitting for both adults and children. Created in NYC, our designs reflect an urban landscape and the needs of a busy lifestyle.

In Mitz Accessories, you’ll find a range of products dedicated to quality craftsmanship and style. Our careful multipurpose designs ensure products with many marvelous uses. Our elastic bootstraps do an expert job of keeping your pants taut in boots but can also be used as a mitten clip or bicycle pant clip. Our lunch bags are the perfect design for children and adults.