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Free from gender stereotypes or works to overcome an entrenched gender stereotype

Healthy play

Promotes healthy age-appropriate developmental play

Neutral marketing

Does not market to the inclusion or exclusion of a child’s gender

No discrimination

Does not discriminate based on race, religion, or sexual orientation

Promotes diversity

Promotes diversity and cultural understanding of different races, religions and sexual orientations

Empowers kids

Empowers children to be celebrated unconditionally for who they are

Choice in play

Gives kids increased choice in play

Different is good

Adds uniqueness, difference, or innovation to toys, clothes, or books to expand kids in ways never dreamed up before

What people are saying

  • Equal Goods brings joy to my kids and me!

    Equal Goods amazing gift guides have helped me find toys and clothes that keep my kids happy campers. They always have a blast opening presents I found through the site. Other parents almost always ask me how I found such cool and unique gifts. I always send them straight to Equal Goods. In addition, one of the greatest benefits of using Equal Goods' gift guides is that I have the confidence my purchases support diversity and gender equality in my children's play. The products Certified Equal tell me that my purchase supports a network of companies trying to build this world up. Thank you, Equal Goods, for the service you provide to me and my family! - Happy mid-Western Mom of 3